To Make The Best Possible
Residual Income


To Make The Best Possible
Residual Income


To Make The Best Possible
Residual Income

About Us

We, at Smarter Lodge, are property managers, and our properties are located across the world. Our company has years of experience in managing different types of properties which include villas for vacationing as well as hotels. Through our services, we want to provide a comfortable living for guests, in addition to complete peace of mind. Furthermore, we wish to help our clients transform their property into a potential source of income. Our company consists of a team of skilled professionals who will work in order to meet the client’s financial objectives. Furthermore, our global team of experts offers assistance in managing a range of operations, such as the services enlisted. In addition to assisting clients in making a good earning by leasing the property, we also offer other services. We ensure all questions related to property are answered with the help of our team of business advisories. If you too have any questions and wish to learn more about which services we offer, get in touch with us today. We would be pleased to offer assistance


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We, at Smarter Lodge, are popular property managers with our portfolio ranging across different countries and region in the globe.
We provide assistance to our owners by using their property in a profitable manner. Through this, we aid clients in transforming their asset into a profitable income source.
Below listed are the reasons why choosing us can benefit you:

● We provide a range of user-friendly services to our guests. Customers can now use their smartphones for accessing rooms, controlling lightings in the room and air conditioners.

● After seeking approval from our partners, in some cases we offer insurance of each property at a price ranging up to the US $ 1 million.

● We offer our services at competitive rates in the current market price.

● Once you will have chosen us, we will be here to take complete responsibility for your property. We will do all the hard work, right from interacting with the guests in different languages, as well as ensuring they have a happy and comfortable stay in your property.

● Our professional housekeeping and cleaning services team ensure the property is in proper condition and match the highest quality of standards.

● Using our property software, we assist in advertising and managing customer’s property listings across over 30 worldwide channels which include Airbnb. All our services are carried out in a systematic manner so as to prevent any trouble of overbooking or unavailability.

● All our services are of high quality so as to provide assistance and comfortable accommodation. Our quality services has helped us gain 75% of 5-star ratings and reviews from customers praising our services.

● We have an average of more than 85% of occupancy for our properties.

● All our clients have reviewed us with 100% rate for experience and comfort.

● The revenue generated for our clients has gone up by 30%

● We have an excellent international team who offer assistance all through the stay. This includes Guest Communication, 24-hour check-in facility, housekeeping, linen supplies, restocking of inventories.

● The clients who will rent the property will decide on when it should be available for reservations.

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Do not wait to make a passive income! Why not making money from your home right now? You can even rent a room of your property to get an extra income. If you are not familiar with hospitality business, then you should trust Smarter Lodge, which will assist you and understand the growing market. The biggest merit of Smarter Lodge is that we have expertise in managing different types of properties including villas for vacationing as well as hotels.


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We at Smarter Lodge are renowned for managing a wide arena of properties located across the world. Our company holds expertise in managing different types of properties including villas for vacationing as well as hotels.


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